PS2 Emulator for PC

PS2 Emulator? If you are looking for the PS2 emulators, then you have come to the right place. I have here the list of the best PS2 Emulators which you can use and play with your favorite games.

The following are the best PS2 emulators:

  • PCSX 2 - This is the first Playstation 2 emu created for the pc (i think). So far it only plays a few demos, but it's progressing ever so nicely. It's from the people that made PCSX, the Playstation emulator.
  • PS2emu - A new addition to existing ps2 emulators.

  • NeutrinoSX2 - This is a new Playstation 2 emulator. It's around the same level as PCSX 2 and open source. The author is looking for help in coding this emulator.

  • PS2DC64 - is a Commodore 64 emulator for the PlayStation2 and runs at full speed with full sound support.

  • Wonder-Station - WonderSwan emulator for the Playstation2.

Now that you have a PS2 Emulator, you can now play the best games out there. You can now play the collector’s item games such as Gran Turismo Series, GTA Series, Medal of Honor Series, ACE Combat Series and NBA Live series for basketball here in your PC.

Friendster Layout, Friendster Backgrounds, and Mp3 Codes

If you are looking for a Friendster Layout, Friendster Backgrounds, and Mp3 Codes, you have come to the right place. I will be making new and cool Friendster Layout, Friendster Backgrounds, and Mp3 Codes for all of you. This would be my new project, to make Emo Friendster Layout, Naruto Friendster Layout, Backgrounds, and Mp3 Codes. I was urged by my friends to make new versions so that their profile would have a new and cool look. So watch out for it. I will be updating all of my new creations and post it here.

I have been updating my profile just today and i think i need a set of new friendster Layouts. And thank goodness is just found my perfect friendster Layouts for my profile. I will share it, So check for my updates.

Cavaliers Trade

Minutes before the NBA trade deadline, the Cleveland Cavaliers made a huge trade. An 11-player swap involving Cleveland, Chicago and Seattle. Cleveland's general manager Danny Ferry said did it to help his best player Lebron James to get a Championship. Ferry dealt half his active roster to acquire center Ben Wallace and forward Joe Smith from the Bulls, and forward Wally Szczerbiak and guard Delante West from the SuperSonics. He also pulled off a colossal one at the 3 p.m. buzzer. He sent guard Larry Hughes, forwards Drew Gooden and Cedric Simmons, and guard Shannon Brown to Chicago for Wallace, one of the game's top inside enforcers, and Smith, a versatile veteran.

Ferry quoted "I didn't think we were good enough to win the championship," Ferry said, explaining his motives for the move. "I thought we had a very good team. But I do believe if we have a chance to make ourselves better we should try."

Yes, i think this is a great deal for the Cavs especially now that the West team have a formidable team such as the Laker Trade with Pau Gasol and so on.

Cavs all the way to the NBA Finals!

Top 4 on Google For Pinoy Money Talk

Finally, i have crack the top five of the keyword pinoy money talk on google. For almost two weeks, i have been going in and out of the top ten and mostly on the 11- 35 place. But now, i have made it to the top 4 in google. This google is a google with no .ph extension, just a plain Now, there is only 3 more weeks before the judgement day. I hope i win this one, but Jehzlau is a fierce competitor and its going to be hard to win. So now, Ill just have to cross my fingers. LOL!

Pinoy Money Talk

Wanna earn money? Then you gotta have a luck and knowledge on SEO to earn easy money. I Visited Pinoy Money Talk and they are having a mini SEO contest. A keyword for pinoy money talk. You must be at the top three on google with that keyword till March 14.

Join the game?

Kung sino ang may blog at marunong mag optimize at SEO, kasali. hehehe...

How? Papano? Anong ba ang kelangan?

The winner will come only from valid entries they know. So submit your entry using either of these two ways:

a. Post a comment on the Pinoy Money Talk
said... website mentioning the URL of your entry;

b. Link to an article or to the Countdown to 3 Contest article and put a backtrack on Pinoy Money Talk, that makes it a valid entry.

What are the prizes?

The grand prize is $75 to be sent via Paypal or P3,000 to be deposited to your local bank account.

By the way, thanks to Sweet Text Messages for helping me out.

Med Tech Medical Technologist Board Exam Result September 2008

Its this time of the year again which we are about to take the Med Tech Medical Technologist Board Exam this month. I know most of us will be nervous on taking this exam because this is our future, our career and our life. I hope we all pass this exam this month September 2008. Me and my other friends will be going to take this exam and i am taking this one seriously so that i will pass this one. I will also put the result in here so that my fellow examiners will have a faster way of getting the results. I will update the Med Tech Medical Technologist Board Exam Result September 2008 in here. So check it here regularly.

Maria Sharapova - Ana Ivanovic

Two of the most hottest Tennis players in the world. Who's your pick?

Maria Sharapova

or Ana Ivanovic


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