De La Hoya vs Pacquiao

Two days ago, Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao and their respective representatives from both Golden Boy and Top Rank Promotions held an announcement for the Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao Boxing match for Dec. 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

After a long talks which have taken for almost a month, the match has finally been made. The first talk has gone to a stall when both camp didnt agree to the purse split where Manny Pacquiao's camp wanted a 60-40 split while Oscar De La Hoya wanted a 70-30 split all in favor of the Pay per view king Oscar himself. At first Manny Pacquiao decline the 70-30 where the talk has gone to stall. But after a weeks of talk, thanks to the Top Rank boss Bob Arum and Richard Shaeffer of Golden Boy Promotions, both Promotional Outfit came to hammer a new decision which led to making the fight of the Century happen. It has not been made clear yet what the purse spilt will be, but some compromise has been reached. The boxers will wear eight ounce gloves, and the fight will be held at 147lbs.

As the match is officially on, Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao match will be one of the biggest event for sport boxing history.

Watch Oscar Dela Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao Fight Online

Basketball Olympics Standings Updates Results

As the Beijing Olympic games is now ongoing, most sports events have winners already. Other sports is still being held and some are still being played, such as the Basketball which is in the round robin schedule. I know many games have already been played and most people and basketball fanatics wants to see the Basketball Olympic Standings which will be tracked by most sports enthusiasts. The Basketball Olympics Standings will be updated so that many can watch their teams and whose team is winning and loosing.

The USA team is currently have the deepest lineup which mainly composed of professional players in the NBA. Other Basketball Olympic Teams have their own NBA players which represents their respective country. There is Yao Ming of China, Manu Ginibili of Argentina, Pau Gasol of Spain, Andre Kirelenko of Russia, Dirk Nowitski of Germany and so on. These are just few of the NBA players which plays in the Beijing Olympics Basketball Event. Now, if you want the latest Basketball Olympic Medal Tally Update and result, or Basketball Olympics Standings check our updates regularly.

India 2008 Olympic Medal Tally Latest Update

Looking for the India 2008 Olympic Medal Tally Update? The Indian team currently is still in the race at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Medal Tally. Olympic games has just began and anybody can still win some coveted Gold Medals. As of today, India have 1 gold which is a very big one already. Indian athletes are still battling out for the other games which can win some other gold medals. For the latest India Olympic Medal Tally Update and result, check our updates regularly.

UFC 91 Couture vs Lesnar Free Live Streaming Video Online

The much anticipated match between Randy Couture vs Brock Lesnar for the UFC Heavywight championship is on, this saturday night. It would be the Champion Randy Couture will defend his title to the former NCAA Division I National Champion in wrestling turned WWE champion turned mixed martial artist Brock Lesnar. It is said that this fight will be a old versus young, Skills versus size and power, and experience versus athleticism. UFC 91 Couture vs Lesnar Free Live Streaming Video Online

Watch Free the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 Streaming Online

I know everybody is very excited for the Olympics and its opening. Everybody of us wants to watch the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 Streaming Online for free Live because some of us at office or is online. So how can we watch Beijing Olympic Games 2008 Streaming Online Live?

First of all, being online will give us an advantage because everything now is already in the net. so finding for site or how to watch the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 Streaming Online is very easy. All you need to do is to look for sites that has a streaming feature for you to be able to watch the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 Streaming Online for free. There are some site such as the justin tv, tvlinks, and so on. There are also some features software such as the Sopcast, TVU and so on. Right now, ill be waiting for the channel to feature the opening ceremony of the Olympics. I am currently using the Justin tv and the Sopcast alternately.

Nokia Codes All Units

Nokia is the world’s most popular mobile phone and one of the most successful brand in the mobile industry. Nokia have already produced numbers of and cell phones. From the ever popular 5110, 3310, 6600, N Series codes as well as to the E series phones codes, Nokia have created some innovations to make each and every Nokia phone a code to make the phone faster and most convenient for its user. With the Nokia codes in the phone, user can also learn how tweak the phones.

Every Nokia Phone has its own features that differ from another phone. Some may have the same feature but different in style that will suites perfectly to a user. With every phone differ from the other, Nokia have created number of Nokia codes for each of their phones. Some of the Nokia codes will make some phones turn of the backlights, the date of the manufacture, the phone serials or the International IMEI, some restriction codes for the phones, blocking and making your phone to a default. So check here for updates and i will give it soon.


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