My Sulfate Free Shampoo Experience

Two weeks ago, my sister bought this new shampoo for us. I didnt know what kind of shampoo was that but she just said that it was a natural shampoo. The next day, i tried the new shampoo, at first i just read the label on it and it reads natural shampoo. I never heard that one before but nevertheless it was still a shampoo. So, there i was, i used that shampoo and then after washing it was good. I kinda like the result of the sulfate free shampoo. My hair felt really good. So i said to myself, i will just try this one and see what will be the result weeks after.

Capiz Shell Chandelier

Yesterday, while I was looking for a lamp in a mall, I noticed this beautiful lighting fixture with shells as decoration. I asked the sales lady about the item, she said that it was a Capiz Shell Chandelier. Well, i got to tell you, it was just so beautiful and the light are so nice. If you are wondering what is this Capiz Shell Chandelier, then just check the picture below. Thought the price of the item is very expensive, I think it will surely make a room more elegant with it. So of you have the money to buy one, then go for it. I think the price is justified with the beauty and elegance of the Capiz Shell Chandelier.


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