Scandal Videos

Lately i have been experimenting on keywords and how to get good traffic using them. Few months ago, i posted a Pinay Scandal and how could it give me good traffic. Well it did. It got me some decent traffic. Today I'm going to do it again on a different keyword.

Scandal Videos are very popular these days. You can see most of them are home made and very sexy Scandal Videos. When i was on my high school days, i remember opening those sites and i confess i did saw many of them. It was the time when i still got those raging hormones on me. I did saw some gore videos, disgusting, and there are sexy ones too. So get your Videos in here. We have hundred of Scandal Videos in here.

But for now, things have changed. Business first before pleasure. And this is it, keyword experiment on how to increase blog traffic and revenue.

World's Fastest Police Cars

Japan's Nissan Skyline GT-R, Maximum Speed is 280 Kph

Germany's Lamborghini Gallardo, Maximum Speed is 320 Kph

Spain's Audi TT Max, Maximum Speed is 320 Kph

America's Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Maximum Speed: Do you really want to know?

France' Peugeot Sports GT 220 KpH

The Philippines'

Maximum Speed: Not disclosed for security reasons

Things To Do

Its been a very busy month for me, I only got few vacant times for blogging. Today i got that vacant time. LOL! I got a tag from Jona and here it goes. Its about what to do..

My things to do:
1. Optimize All 26 Websites
2. Submit Articles
3. Update Lenses
4. Bookmark Hubpages
5. and Save $$$$

Busy People:
1.)my chopsuey 2.)mind bubbles 3.)vanity kit 4.)something purple 5.)a detour 6.)Confessions of A Supermodel Wannabe 7.)when silence speaks 8.)hailey's domain 9.)hailey's beats and bits 10.)airsick 11.)avee's adventures 12.)never ending stories 13.)essay of life 14.)tasteful voyage 15.)a mom's note 16.)jean marie's world 17.)beauty of life 18.)shannonxj

and now i pass this one to: renrie, gusher, dor, tripping time

Nursing Board Exam Result June 2008

Here we go again. Its time to take the Nursing Board Exam Result on June 2008. Every nursing student have to take the board exam. This board exam will definitely be their key to their successful life. I am not a nursing stud but I got so many friends who are taking up this course. I know what they feel when this time of the year comes. My friends are eagerly studied so hard just to pass this Nursing Board Exam Result June 2008. And they wait till the result of Nursing board exam this June 2008. If you want to see the result of this Board Exam, look around maybe you will find one.

PRC Board Exam Results

CPA Certified Public Accountant October 2008 Board Exam Result

The CPA or Certified Public Accountant Board Exam will be held this coming October 2008. All graduating students and graduates of Accountancy course will be taking the said exam this October 2008. This exam will be their chance and will be their foundation for the coming years if ever they will pass the said exam.

As a graduate of Accountancy, I will be taking the CPA Certified Public Accountant October 2008 and already anxious about it. All CPA board exam results passers will be automatically called CPA and I hope I will pass the exam to be able to be a CPA also.

Latest FriendsterLayout

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