Amazing Cnc Lathe Video

One of the most interesting video ive seen in youtube yesterday, the Heavy Duty Cnc Lathe machine at work. I cant really imagine how man do these machines. See for your self. In a matter of minutes, it can mass produce any metal products which will take a man years if done manually. Enjoy.

Decking - A Good Way to Beautify your House

I just saw these in some of the pics ive browsed for a brand new house. Decking are probably one of the best way to beautify a house. If only i have money for a new house, ill probably add a decking in front of the house or at the back. I have also seen a good brand for decking, it was the Azek Decking. Check out these pics to see for yourselves. Did you see my point? Dont they look awesome?

Im Thinking of Getting a Tragus Piercing

The trend nowadays is getting a piercing. But which part? For now, i am thinking of getting a tragus piercing. Tragus piercing is a unique kind of piercing in which you will get pierced in a different part of the ear, that is the Tragus. See the Picture to see the tragus.

I am still thinking when ill have my piercing but the thought of pain is the one that holds me back. So, What do you think? Sorry for my bad english.