FAQ About Software Engineering

What is Software?
Computer programs and associated documentation. Software products may be developed for a particular customer or may be developed for a general market.

What is Software Engineering?
Software Engineering is an Engineering discipline which is concerned with all aspects of software production.

What is the difference between software engineering and computer science?
Computer science is concerned with theory and fundamentals; Software engineering is concerned with the practicalities of developing and delivering useful software.

What is the difference between software engineering and system engineering?
System engineering is concerned with all aspect of computer-based systems development, including hardware, software and process engineering. Software engineering is part of this process.

What is software process?
A set of activities whose goal is the development or evolution of software.

What is a software process model?
A simplified representation of a software process, specific from a specific perspective.

What are the cost of software?
Roughly 60% of cost are development cost, 40% are testing cost. For custom software, evolution costs often exceed development cost.

What are software engineering methods?
Structured approaches to software development which include system models, notations, rules design advice and process guidance.

What is CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering)?
Software system which are intended to provide automated support for software process activities, CASE systems are often used for method support.

What are the attributes of good software?
The software should deliver the required functionalities and performance to the user and should be maintainable, dependable and usable.

What are the key challenges facing software engineering?
Coping with legacy systems, coping with increasing diversity and coping with demands for reduced delivery times.

Medal Tally Beijing Olympics 2008 Update Results

With few more days to come, the Latest Beijing Olympics 2008 medal count will be opening. All athletes from around the world will gather for this prestigious event, the Beijing Olympics 2008. The country host China is already fully prepared for this prestigious event. China have built some great and big stadiums as well as magnificent architectural buildings such as the Beijing’s Olympic Park, National Aquatics Centre, dubbed the "Water Cube" for its shape and bubbly facade, National Grand Theatre, and the China Central Television. All of the buildings are built mainly for the Olympics.

For the games, The Olympics games will be very exciting especially now that China have created these buildings just for this Olympic Games. Latest Medal Count and Tally Result will be also updated regularly for all the viewing audiences. I really expect a tight battle and competition for the top Olympics Medal Tally.

Cebu Seo Contest

Here we go again, another contest, another SEO contest. This time its the Cebu SEO Contest from the http://www.phblogger.net. The contest ends on September 2, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.

Here are the prizes:

Top 1 position on google (September 8, 2008)
Php 700.00 cash via MLhuillier Kwarta Padala
Free 1 year hosting and a free .com, .org, .net or .info domain
+500 EC

Top 2 position on google (September 8, 2008)
Php 500.00 cash via MLhuillier Kwarta Padala
+1000 EC

Top 3 position on google (September 8, 2008)
Php 500.00 cash via MLhuillier Kwarta Padala
+500 EC

Now, with a free domain and hosting, i can have a blog of my own. The contest starts NOW.

Download Britney Spears Circus Album

Britney Spears is back. Now with her 6th album named Circus. Her album Circus was announced by Jive Records on September 15, 2008 and will be release starting November 19 in the Philippines and December 2 at the United States and is also said that it coincide with her birthday. For her first Single, titled "Womanizer" was produced by the up-and-coming Atlanta production team The Outsyders.

As on of the top-selling artist has already sold in 62 million albums worldwide which include the Baby One More Time in 1999, Oops!...I Did It Again at 2000, Britney in 2001, In The Zone at 2003, and Blackout at 2007, eight number 1 worldwide singles and four consecutive number 1.

I just cant wait for this one so that i can download britney spears circus album free. and its mp3 or even mp4 and videos. as well as the womanizer, circus song, Amnesia, Mannequin, My Baby, and Quicksand.

Australian 2008 Olympic Medal Tally Latest Update

With the ongoing Olympic games, The Australian Team is still battling it out for the top position at the Beijing Olympics 2008. Looking for the Australian 2008 Olympic Medal Tally Latest Update is here. Currently the Australian Team have already 8 Medals overall as of August 12, 4:00 pm. If you still want to see the Australia 2008 Olympic Medal Tally Latest Update check our updates everyday.

Italian 2008 Olympic Medal Tally Latest Update

Looking for the Italian 2008 Olympic Medal Tally Latest Update? The Italian team currently is still in the race for the top spot at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Medal Tally. As of today the Italian team already have 3 golds which is not far ahead from the leader United States 2008 Olympic Medal Tally Latest and the Chinese Team. For the latest Italy Olympic Medal Tally Update and result, check our updates regularly.

Great Britain 2008 olympic medal tally Latest Updates

Looking for the Great Britain 2008 Olympic medal tally Latest Updates? Currently the Great Britain team is still in the race for the top spot at the Olympic Medal tally Race updates. As of today the British Team or the Great Britain team have already 2 golds. The British Team is expected to add some more medals to their tally. For the latest Olympic Medal Tally Update and result, check our updates regularly.


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