Yugatech Year Ender Giveaways

I just visited the http://www.yugatech.com/blog/contests/yugatech-2008-new-year-giveaway/, Yuga and Auction.ph is giving away prizes.

The prizes are:

  • Creative 2.1 Subwoofer System
  • Php2,000 Gift Certificate on any Nokia Stores*
  • Shell-Ferrari Model Cars**
  • Apacer USB 2.0 Drive
  • 20 pcs. Auction.PH T-Shirts
  • 2 accounts for 1-year Free 1GB Hosting & Domain***
* GC valid on ff. store: Digital Exchange in Glorietta 3; Podium in Ortigas; and CyberZone at SM City, North EDSA
** Models depend on availability
*** Powered by plogHost (any .com, .net, .org with 1GB webspace & 20GB bandwidth valued at Php9,000 a year)
- T-Shirts will be shipped by Auction.PH anywhere in the Philippines via courier
- some items (2.1 Subwoofer) will have to be picked up at Makati

New Year Disaster

New years eve is a day where every Filipinos always celebrate. Lots of food, gifts, and money. Well, i know some doesn't have the last one. LOL! Everybody seems to be very happy as well as the children. Everybody looks happy, the tunes of Christmas music is there and the sound of firecracker is deafening.

Speaking of firecrackers, I remember my childhood days when i used to play with it. It was the 5 star, the baby rocket and other cracker that we used to buy at the neighborhood store and then firing it up on the road. Every bang is fun. I love the sound of it. Even at the start of firing it up, the excitement is different. I remember my loving mom when we lit the firecracker, she always get mad because she always get shocked upon hearing the explosion of every cracker. And that was the past. Nuf said.

Attention: Let us avoid lighting dangerous firecrackers in welcoming the New Year, Avoid firecracker so that you wont get this one. hahaha.. I love this picture.

The Worst Mall Santa Ever

I think this is the worst Mall Santa ever. LOL!

Freindster - Home Log In

Freindster is a leading global social network emphasizing genuine freindships and the discovery of new people through friends. Search for old friends and classmates...

This phrase is the description of website freindster which most poeple go and socialize with freidster and families. I myself is a member of this Freidster community and i can say that I love it. Freindster is an Internet social network service. The Freindster site was founded in Mountain View, California, United States by Jonathan Abrams in March 2002 and is privately owned. Freindster is based on the Circle of Friends and Web of Friends techniques for networking individuals in virtual communities and demonstrates the small world phenomenon. It currently has more than 70 million members worldwide and is mostly used in Asia .

Pacquiao - Marquez 2

I forgot to post this one a week ago because i was very busy at work. hehehe.. Finally after almost 4 years of waiting, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez will be fighting again inside the ring this coming March 15, 2008 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino for their rematch. For their previous encounter, is was a battle till the last round and went to the distance. At the very first round the Pacman floored Marquez three times but went to survive till the last round. Marquez fought bravely and came back to get a draw.

Now that the deal has been sealed to fight again, fight fans cant wait to watch this exciting match again. Filipino will surely stop everything what they are doing just to watch their Fighting pride against the Mexican slugger. As for me, i cant wait to watch the fight happen again. I think it would be the last big payday for Marquez while Pacquiao will win this one.

Microsoft and Firefox

Microsoft is one of the leading makers of the best selling products such as the Windows operating software and office suite of productivity software MSOffice. While Mozilla Firefox is a web browser project managed by the Mozilla Corporation. One of the best, leading and widely use internet browser today.

Can you imagine these two combine and team up as one to dominate the internet and web browsing system?

Well, i myself cant imagine what will happen if these two combine. Microsoft has been the evil in the software side, especially in the operating system and its Internet Explorer. Its Operating System, the Windows always gives us an error message and gives me headache when the operating system crashes. Previously, i was using Internet Explorer, I though it was one of the nice and good internet browser until i found viruses in my computer. I also noticed that my computer slows down due to these viruses. It was proven when everybody got the same problem with the Internet Explorer, it was very vulnerable with the viruses and spyware.

Then i switched to Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is not just very savvy but easy to use as well. It is an an open source and best of all it is FREE. In fact, Mozilla got multiple award from the online community such as Forbes and PC World. Forbes.com called Firefox the best browser in a 2004 commentary piece. PC World named Firefox the "product of the year" in 2005.

Now take a look at the Microsoft and Firefox merger. "MSFIREFOX" www.msfirefox.com

Would you use this product? Not for me, ill use Opera. Hahaha...

Filipino Happy People

Filipinos are the second happiest and most optimistic folks in Asia. YEAH! In the Axa Life Outlook Index, Filipinos ranked 2nd with 85 percentage, among eight countries and regions included in the poll. Filipinos always have a positive prospect on living in general, Axa Asia Life and Taylor Nelson Sofres said in a multilateral survey released on Wednesday. Filipinos were simply edged away by happier Indians, which scored 87. 2 percentage. Following the Philippines was China, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. The survey tried to evaluate how contented people are at present, and how upbeat they are for the next 12 months, and five years about their career, household, health and retirement planning.

As a Filipino, being happy, cheerful and joyful is always natural in us. Problem may come in our life, but still we manages problem and still smiling.


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