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Finally A Champion

I should have posted this a week ago but i was too busy at work.
Finally, Kimi Raikkonen is the new formula 1 champion. He clinched the drivers championship by a point from his rivals Mclaren drivers Lewis Hamilton, a rookie driver and Fernando Alonso, a two time champion.
Despite being down in third place going to the final race, the Finn with the help of his teamate Filipe Massa didnt loose hope. Hamilton, four points ahead of Alonso and seven ahead of Raikkonen. But the luck is with the Finn who manages to pass both rivals to snatch the world championship by a hair in their last race at Interlagos, Brazil..
It was a sweet finish for the Finn as well as the Ferrari team who was in a controversy against their rival Mclaren. A Sweet Justice!


monaco said...

seems alonso is staying with mclaren. if the infighting continues till next season, that's a plus factor for ferrari and our idol kimi!

Shannon said...

Agree. I was a Mclaren fan when kimi was with them. Now that Alonso is a free agent and unemployed, I think he should go back to his papa Flavio.

Marie said...

Kudos @ Kimi! He's a worthy champion this year.