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Piggy Bank That Explodes

It is one another unique inventions by the Japanese, an exploding piggy bank. The “Savings Bomb,” which goes on sale in Japan next week, “explodes” and scatters coins if users fail to save for a long time, toy manufacturer TOMY Co Ltd … designed as a cartoon-style, ball-shaped black bomb with a skull and crossbones logo — lights up, makes a noise, shakes violently and scatters coins if it is not topped up for a long time.
“Users must pick up and collect the scattered coins and reflect on their laziness,” the Japanese company said..

A piggy bank that explodes—Now this is what you can call “negative reinforcement” to the extreme. Tomy Savings BombTM goes on sale in Japan for 2,922 ¥en ($22 USD). Now this is the kind of piggy bank i want to have this Christmas.


monaco said...

savings bomb! that's what I need. gastador kasi ako eh. a piggy bank like that will force me to save. he he.

nice one shannon.

gLaDieZz said...

I also want... Who want sponsor me wor...

NOEL said...

I like that piggy bank thing. All people will be force to save money like japanese. its a good attitude to do and piggy bank thing will help us to be like that because if you dont?

piggybank bomb will explode.

cool thing !!!

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i think i should get one of that, i should start saving up for christmas, hehehe, dami ko kayang inaanaks^^