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New Year Disaster

New years eve is a day where every Filipinos always celebrate. Lots of food, gifts, and money. Well, i know some doesn't have the last one. LOL! Everybody seems to be very happy as well as the children. Everybody looks happy, the tunes of Christmas music is there and the sound of firecracker is deafening.

Speaking of firecrackers, I remember my childhood days when i used to play with it. It was the 5 star, the baby rocket and other cracker that we used to buy at the neighborhood store and then firing it up on the road. Every bang is fun. I love the sound of it. Even at the start of firing it up, the excitement is different. I remember my loving mom when we lit the firecracker, she always get mad because she always get shocked upon hearing the explosion of every cracker. And that was the past. Nuf said.

Attention: Let us avoid lighting dangerous firecrackers in welcoming the New Year, Avoid firecracker so that you wont get this one. hahaha.. I love this picture.


shurikenstuff said...

yuga? tuod ni or sa

jophilsuperman said...


monaco said...

I'm not really a big fan of firecrackers, takot kasi akong masugatan. he he. besides, I think it's a waste of money. I just celebrate the new year in some other ways.