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Axxo the Legend is Back

Yes, you heard it right! Axxo, the popular DVD ripper or should i say the MOST popular ripper is BACK! Yes he is back! Finally, after almost 4 month of break, Axxo the legend has returned! His first rip this year is the movie "I am Legend" which also seen as a symbolic to his legendary status as the most popular and great DVD ripper.

How did Axxo became a legend? Well, you can see it all from his work. All movies were ripped to the highest quality. many fans rate it as 10/10. Ten for the Video quality and ten for the Audio quality. And add this up, all files were about 700 mb which can fit into a single cd with the quality just like the DVDs. Now that is great! You can see all his latest works in here Axxo Torrents.


JeanGrey said...

hi there! thanks for dropping by sa site ko po :) anyways if you have time just me your entry (video with description) para maka join po :)

jophilsuperman said...

Anu ni ya?wazzup? :)

I'm Always Around! :)

Marie said...

It seems now that he's back in business. people can now expect more from the DVD ripper. :D

skip said...

axxo definitely knows what he is doing..thanks for the head up ..appreciate it..

Rayland said...

true, he does give quality rips.. but its expected.. he rips movies from retail dvds.. his releases are good to download when you want to actually keep the movie in your hard drive..

but its nice to scout scene releases too.. sometimes you could download quality movies that aren't even showing in cinemas yet. ^_^


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