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Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Housemates

The latest craze, the PBB Teen Edition Plus in on. Hello Big Brother here! All in all, fourteen house mates entered the house on Day 1, which was March 23, 2008. Twelve were announced to come in, but two were added because of the connection of their schools. The housemates are ordered here according to their entry into the House. Here are the new Housemates in the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus:

Rona - Rona Marie Libby is 16 from Dumaguete. She is profiled as a "prisoner's daughter" as her father has been in prison for four years for an unspecified crime. Despite this, she and her siblings have excelled in many activities, both in academics and in extra-curricular ones. She aims to have her father released from his incarceration.

Jieriel - Jieriel Papa is 16 from Davao. She relates that she was once a chubby child, but she has managed to have a slim figure due to an "after-six diet." She is also profiled as a "Daddy's Girl" to her stepfather, as her biological father has left her family when she was very young.

Valerie - Valerie Weignmann is 18 from Wiesbaden, Germany. She is profiled as a "Daddy's Girl" currently trying to reestablish her ties with her Filipina mother since the death of her German father. Although she has lived most of her life in Germany, she has a great Filipina sensibility, visiting her mother's country very often. She also has a good command of the Tagalog language and has plans to enter Philippine showbiz.

Linda - Linda Backlund is 16 from Iriga City. A half-Swede, she intially had a luxurious life until her Swedish father left her and her family behind. To supplement her family income, she frequently joins beauty contests and bikini competitions.

Ejay - Ejay Falcon is 18 from Pola, Oriental Mindoro. According to his profile, he is said to have fair skin and during his first visit to Manila had trouble with technological gadgets and even elevators. He was also in Manila to find his mother, only to find out she had another family. Also according to his profile, he prefers living a rural life in the province rather than a cosmopolitan one many like him opt to.

Kevin - Kevin Brendan Garcia-Flood is an 18-year-old Filipino-Irish from Madrid, Spain. He is a product of a broken family, he is also an able equestrian rider, and has also worked to make ends meet.

Nicole - Nicole Kim Uysiuseng is a 17-year-old Filipino-Chinese girl from Cebu. At home, she lived a sheltered life, being a pampered girl and a good sister to her three younger brothers. She is however not very fashionable and not so much sociable, as she does not have many friends. She aims to change that perception during her stay in the House.

Nan - Arnann Jay "Nan" Clenuar is a 17-year-old jokester from Davao. He is profiled as frequent prankster who does not take life seriously because he would become insane if he does. But his comedic antics are equaled with his kindness towards his mother.

Alex - Alex Esmoso Anselmuccio is an 18-year-old soccer player from Milan, Italy. His parents are an unemployed Italian father and a Filipina mother who had worked for 28 years as a domestic helper. To better enhance his soccer skills, he even had his feet operated because he was flatfooted. He aims to have a job in his mother's homeland to help his family.

Jolas - Elyzar "Jolas" Paguia is an 18-year-old basketball player from Bulacan. Unsurprisingly, he stands 6' 4" (193 cm) tall. He and his father have dreams of the former being in the professional league, but these dreams were almost imperiled when they had spats with each other. Upon Jolas' entry, this conflict appears to be resolved.

Beauty - Christine Marie "Beauty" Gonzalez is 16 from Dumaguete. Having lived a pampered life, she is used to being served, leading to an aggressive and rebellious attitude, one which she has started to change upon her entry into the House.

Priscilla - Priscilla Navidad is a 17-year-old beauty queen from Davao. She is a hearing-impaired person who communicates through lip reading. According to her profile, she had to undergo surgery at age two, but eventually lost her hearing when she was eleven. Furthermore, her father died when she was six. Despite these obstacles, she was able to win several pageant titles, including the Miss Teen Mindanao title in 2007. To facilitate communication with her alone, Big Brother granted her request of showing his lips to her while talking under the condition that she cannot describe them to her fellow housemates. In a similar rein, viewers can only see a dim or blurred image of the lips to keep his identity vague.

Robi - Robert "Robi" Domingo is an 18-year-old Atenean from Quezon City. He is profiled as a good boy who is not very adept at wooing girls. He is one of the two Plus housemates connected to his school's storied rivalry with De La Salle University.

Josef - Marc Josef Elizalde is a 16-year-old Lasallian from Mandaluyong. He is profiled as a complete opposite of Robi: a rebellious boy who is also a virtual chick magnet. He is one of the two Plus housemates connected to the storied rivalry between his school's parent institution and Ateneo de Manila University.

Yes, I think the beautiful Valerie Weignmann will be the darling. Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Housemates pictures will be added soon.


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Haarwuchsmittel said...

hey, i live near wiesbaden, but havent heard of this tv show yet. how famous is it?x

Shannon said...

@Haarwuchsmittel - yes it a tv show in the Philippines, just like the other Big Brother Show on other country but its the teens who are in that contest. Even teeners in the Philippines love this show.


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