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Best Dental Plan

Lately i got into a problem which really gives me so much pain as well as literally the word pain. It was my problem about my dental health. Two days ago i was in so much pain because my i got a tooth ache. You know what i mean, it really hurts that i cant sleep for two nights. Even if i take pain killers, the pain wont go. So the next day i decided to go to the dental clinic. Then that's the time when it got me to another problem which i don't have a dental plan. Yes, a dental plan which will cover all the cost on the dental clinic or to the doctor. I talk to the doctor on how to get the Best Dental Plan for myself. After an hour of discussing about the dental plan, he told me that he knows a dental plan which will cost me less and gives me a good deal. I said i dont have time for it now and i want an extraction. So he did the extraction for me. A couple of days later, i follow his instructions and got myself the Best Dental Plan out there. The lesson of the story is to talk to somebody that is knowledgeable to the topic. It will really helps. Thanks doc.