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Things To Do

Its been a very busy month for me, I only got few vacant times for blogging. Today i got that vacant time. LOL! I got a tag from Jona and here it goes. Its about what to do..

My things to do:
1. Optimize All 26 Websites
2. Submit Articles
3. Update Lenses
4. Bookmark Hubpages
5. and Save $$$$

Busy People:
1.)my chopsuey 2.)mind bubbles 3.)vanity kit 4.)something purple 5.)a detour 6.)Confessions of A Supermodel Wannabe 7.)when silence speaks 8.)hailey's domain 9.)hailey's beats and bits 10.)airsick 11.)avee's adventures 12.)never ending stories 13.)essay of life 14.)tasteful voyage 15.)a mom's note 16.)jean marie's world 17.)beauty of life 18.)shannonxj

and now i pass this one to: renrie, gusher, dor, tripping time


shurikenstuff said...

Very Busy Got-to-do's, hehe, btw, pls change my blog title of A RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD to The Critic's Choice, tnx!

Jona said...

blog hopping here. i hope to see you in my site too. take care! :-)

Jona said...

just checking out.. hope to see you in my site too..take care.. :-)


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