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Nokia Codes All Units

Nokia is the world’s most popular mobile phone and one of the most successful brand in the mobile industry. Nokia have already produced numbers of and cell phones. From the ever popular 5110, 3310, 6600, N Series codes as well as to the E series phones codes, Nokia have created some innovations to make each and every Nokia phone a code to make the phone faster and most convenient for its user. With the Nokia codes in the phone, user can also learn how tweak the phones.

Every Nokia Phone has its own features that differ from another phone. Some may have the same feature but different in style that will suites perfectly to a user. With every phone differ from the other, Nokia have created number of Nokia codes for each of their phones. Some of the Nokia codes will make some phones turn of the backlights, the date of the manufacture, the phone serials or the International IMEI, some restriction codes for the phones, blocking and making your phone to a default. So check here for updates and i will give it soon.


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