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Canadian Jobs for Pinoys

The buzz regarding the Canadian Jobs for Pinoys which the Canadian government have already arranged for the Filipino Government. According to the news About 30,000 jobs are awaiting skilled Filipino workers in Canada, the Department of Labor and Employment DOLE reported.

As Marianito Roque have said as a Labor Secretary of the Philippines, most of the workers needed will go to Alberta Canada and they are needing professionals for the oil and gas industry as well as construction workers for various infrastructure projects. Alberta Ministry of Employment and Immigration chief Hector Goudreau along with Marianito Roque have forged an agreement for recruitment and deployment of overseas Filipino workers OFWs in Canada.

I think i can apply here and take my chances at Canadian Jobs for Pinoys.


Ambo said...

I'll try this one. Am going to POEA next week hehe.


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