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The PR 3 is Back

LOL! I am so happy today, seeing my blog back to PR3 after being penalize for a month. Now that the PR3 is back, everything is going back to normal just as few months back. Traffic are good, and the little money is good too. Right now, i'll just keep this blog much updated from time to time so that it will get crawled all the time. How bout you guys? Did your PR back or gone to zero?


The Saint said...

Congrats!!! Now you’re back online.
I've been visiting this blog for almost a year and now I know already who's the person behind this blog. Don’t worry I will not reveal your identity. Hahaha
Anyways I just want to say thank you for sharing your ideas, for teaching and encouraging me to participate in the insurmountable world of blogging. and

Jones said...

OMG! This is serious stuff! So Far i still got my PR3(of course i didn't got this Page rank with out you,remember?.Hehehehe


Dana Blackhurst said...

Congrats on getting your pr3 back, I've had several of my pages constantly fluctuate between google rollouts, its tough to maintain in the long run. Good work!


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