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F1 Merchandise

Formula 1 has been so popular since the era of 80's. In the decade of 90's, formula 1 became more popular as tv broadcasting starts to promote the sport. As the year 2000 starts, Formula 1 is already a massive television event, with millions of people watching each race in 200 countries. Fans wanted more of formula 1. They wanted to be more closer to what they see on TV. With millions of fans around the world, formula 1 also became a business, not just a motor sport but now a business as well. Formula 1 Merchandise are sold at every Gran Prix to give fans more of the sport and to bring it home as well. Fans who watch live races can get those merchandise easily. So, how bout those fans in another country?(including myself) Of course, they cant. The only way we can get those things are from orders and online shopping. Too bad, the cost and the delivery charge is so expensive. I want my F1 Stuff!!!!


Windyridge said...

I was a huge fan of F1 back when Jacky Ickx was driving for John Player Special team Lotus. I could even draw the insignia. Such a beautiful car, black and gold.