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Money Scarcity

Have you experience the time when you are depressed, weary, sad, mad, and hungry? Or even problematic? I mean, or should i say having not enough money? Well, that happens to me every time. That thing happen to me when i was still in my college days. I have no money, you cannot buy something that you want and miserable. LOL! I remember those those days. I also remember when i ask some money from my parents and they are also problematic because they don’t have enough money too.

Now that i am working, those days are now only a memory to remember. Right now i can buy anything but with a limitations. I also enjoy shopping especially at my favorite online store, the, i can also go anywhere, i can also travel to the place i want, except abroad. LOL! I guess all money problems have solutions. Just be strong, be smart and have faith to GOD. So, life still goes on and i don’t know what will gonna happen to this journey of life. I just let God take care of everything.