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Another Blogista on the Spot now on Alexa

Another Blogista on the Spot is now on Alexa rankings. It was "n/a" for previous months I have been looking for it through my toolbar everyday. And just this day i have made it to the Alexa. The traffic rank is 9,690,853. check the screenshot..

I know its just a minimal rank. But am still happy to make it into the Alexa. YEAH!


Lotus Flower said...

Congratulations nasa Alexa ka na. Dapat lang. You deserve it!

Me, No Data. Ha!Ha!

4 lang pero hirap maintain. Minsan naiisip ko magkakapera kaya ako dito? But again, blogging takes off my mind from the realities of my existence. Mag emote ba?


Lex said...

You're now in the 1,000,000 + ranking! Good Job!

Shannon said...

thanks lex.