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A Religious Boyfriend

A young man goes into a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist, "Hello, could you give me a condom. My girlfriend invited me for a dinner and I think she is expecting something from me!"

The pharmacist gives him the condom and as the young man is going out, he returns and tell him, "Give me another condom because my girlfriend's sister is very cute, too. She always crossed her legs in a provocative manner when she sees me and I think she expects something from me too."

The pharmacist gives him a second condom and as the boy is leaving he turns back again and says, "After all, give me one more condom because my girlfriend's mom is still pretty cute and when she sees me she always make illusions... and since she invited me for dinner, I think she is expecting something from me!"

At the dinner table, the young man is sitting with his girlfriend on his left, the sister on his right and the mom facing him. When the dad gets there, the boy lower his head and start praying, "Dear Lord, bless this dinner... thank You for all You've given us...!!!"

A minute later the boy still praying: "Thank You Lord for your kindness..." Ten minutes go on and the boy is still praying, keeping his head down. The others look at each other surprised and his girlfriend even more than the others. She gets close to the boy and whispers in his ear, "I didn't know you were so religious!!!"

The boy replies, "I didn't know your dad was a PHARMACIST!!!"



hey, shannon, you certainly made my day, this is really funny that it cracked me up, hahaha^^

Shannon said...

Thanks dude. The first time i read this one, it makes me laugh so hard too. thanks for the comment.

Allen said...

This seems like a longer version of the text message version i received in the past hehe :P Nice find !

Sriram said...

Lol..That was funny!!

lotis said...

lol, funny, haha

Bennie said...

Hey shannon,

Saw your link on sunnewsonline. Cool site you've got here. Since you seem to like humor, do swing by and see me sometime. P.S, be ready to really crack up :)

Pinoy Rich Jerk said...

Cool story, really get my nerves on...LOL


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