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Blogs and Search Engines

Why blog? I think blog is for everybody. For everyone who wants to read a lot, for those people who loves to surf the net and to met other people as well. Everybody can benefit from it. People who like to learn, people like to hear what you think and people who like opinions. So how does can somebody create a good blog and be a successful blogger?

I have read and searched for some Internet marketing professionals, which I think are credible and offer free advice. And i have learned from them to focus to these things and consider the following.

1. Content is King -> The content of your blog is the key to success.
2. Your site should have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). -> Your blog should be unique.
3. Think of the users first, search engine second. -> Think for your reader and then the search engines
4. No link farming.
5. After launching the site, resist the temptation of checking the site regularly on Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
6. Link exchanges are not necessary. In some instances, it is beneficial but in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it has no value.
7. Domain name does not matter in SEO.


monaco said...

thanks for the tips shannon. I have read some of those inouts from different sites too but as a newbie bogger I can't help but be influenced by traffic and seo.

Shannon said...

yep, thats true! We cant avoid reading about traffic especially for our blogs. We need to get more traffic. right? hehe...

myglitch said...

Thanks for dropping by, Shannon.
As a newbie, (I'm into mobile blogging before) the first thing I've noticed was link exchange. I've observed how my technorati authority improved.


i never thought na hindi pala ganun kabig deal ang mga domain names, hehehe, biruin mo domain ko,,, hehehe

Shannon said...

hahaha... Ayos ang domaining mo ah. ok lang yan. kahit ano pa ang domain name mo, wala yan para sa seo. You can make it to the search engines if you are targetting a keywords. pero kung sa mga visitor naman, e malamang offensive na yun. try mo isearch ang PINOY BLOG sa google, anjan ako. SEO lang yan.

marhgil said...

hi shannon! saw your blog via yugatech. :)

just to share my 2 cents on the topic...

domain names still matter, but it's only one among hundreds of factors when ranking. but if you could grab a keyword-rich domain name for your target niche, why not, di ba?

link exchanging? oo, maliit na lang yung weight nun. what i do now is 3 way link exchange.

content is king. right. but learn to optimize those content to gain search engine rankings. dami dyang blog, gaganda ng content, konti visitors. syempre, it's easy to market quality content.

writing for users or search engine? i write for both. may mga post ako directed lang talaga for search engine traffic. :) syempre, meron din for regular readers. addict ako sa search engine traffic eh. LOL!

jophilsuperman said...

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