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Microsoft and Firefox

Microsoft is one of the leading makers of the best selling products such as the Windows operating software and office suite of productivity software MSOffice. While Mozilla Firefox is a web browser project managed by the Mozilla Corporation. One of the best, leading and widely use internet browser today.

Can you imagine these two combine and team up as one to dominate the internet and web browsing system?

Well, i myself cant imagine what will happen if these two combine. Microsoft has been the evil in the software side, especially in the operating system and its Internet Explorer. Its Operating System, the Windows always gives us an error message and gives me headache when the operating system crashes. Previously, i was using Internet Explorer, I though it was one of the nice and good internet browser until i found viruses in my computer. I also noticed that my computer slows down due to these viruses. It was proven when everybody got the same problem with the Internet Explorer, it was very vulnerable with the viruses and spyware.

Then i switched to Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is not just very savvy but easy to use as well. It is an an open source and best of all it is FREE. In fact, Mozilla got multiple award from the online community such as Forbes and PC World. called Firefox the best browser in a 2004 commentary piece. PC World named Firefox the "product of the year" in 2005.

Now take a look at the Microsoft and Firefox merger. "MSFIREFOX"

Would you use this product? Not for me, ill use Opera. Hahaha...


echu said...

I love that msfirefox site :) whoever made it put in a lot of work. There are little gems all over. Here's a quote from the About page:

"At Microsoft, we strive to appear lovable, friendly and helpful...
...because our antitrust ruling conditions forces us to do so..."

solid gold :)

MONACO said...

it's a good thing firefox came along. I was using IE for the past 10 years or so, since I discovered the internet. but when firefox was introduced to me I left IE.


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