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Filipino Happy People

Filipinos are the second happiest and most optimistic folks in Asia. YEAH! In the Axa Life Outlook Index, Filipinos ranked 2nd with 85 percentage, among eight countries and regions included in the poll. Filipinos always have a positive prospect on living in general, Axa Asia Life and Taylor Nelson Sofres said in a multilateral survey released on Wednesday. Filipinos were simply edged away by happier Indians, which scored 87. 2 percentage. Following the Philippines was China, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. The survey tried to evaluate how contented people are at present, and how upbeat they are for the next 12 months, and five years about their career, household, health and retirement planning.

As a Filipino, being happy, cheerful and joyful is always natural in us. Problem may come in our life, but still we manages problem and still smiling.


MONACO said...

pinoys are really a cheerful race. kahit na anong problema, masaya pa rin.


you are right shannon, happiness is all in the mind, ako kahit madaming problema, i always have to be optimistic, lalong nakakadepress yong andami mo nang problema tapos negative thinking ka ba, diba?^^

Noelevz said...

totoo ito, kaya nga gustong gusto pumunta ng mga foreigners dito eh!


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