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How to on MoneyGram

Somebody might ask, how to send and recieve money at MoneyGram in and from the Philippines, USA, Canada, Saudi, UAE, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Europe, France, Germany and more? Well i know most of us have their first times especially at MoneyGram, so here are the answers. Just follow the steps and will have a successful transaction at MoneyGram.

  • The first thing you will do is Find a MoneyGram branch.
  • Visit your MoneyGram branch, taking some personal identification with you.
  • Complete a simple “send” or "receive" form and hand this to the MoneyGram agent along with the money you want to send or receive and the transfer fee. You may also include a free 10-word message on the form.
  • You will be given a reference number. (sender)
  • Fill in the reference number field and put the reference number that has been given by the sender. (receiver)
  • Contact the person to whom you’re sending the money, and give him or her the reference number. In just 10 minutes the money will be ready to collect.(sender)
  • After filling all the fields, hand it to the MoneyGram agent in after a few minutes, the agent will give you the money.(receiver)
Usually every MoneyGram branch may ask for your identifications, so always bring with you one to two indentifications such as passport, driving license, national identity card or a government issued identification.

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