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Download Google Chrome Fast

Just this week, Google launches its own internet browser, Google Chrome, in a new challenge to Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Opera and Firefox. Google Chrome is Google's latest application and will be the weapon in its bid to become the leader in all Internet and web areas. The latest major browser war was won by Microsoft when it won the battle for dominance in the 1990s against Netscape Navigator. Then at early 2000's between Microsoft Internet Explorer and the new Firefox by Mozilla.

Now i have seen so many people right now wants to Download Google Chrome Fast. And i my self just downloaded the Google Chrome. I think ill try this new browser for few days and see whats the Google Chrome can give.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't downloaded it yet. Beta pa kasi. When all the bugs and fixes have been ironed out at hindi na beta, that's when I'll try it.

Ambo said...

Me too. Daming errors nakakainis lang gamitin. Maganda at sophisticated lang talaga sa ngayon ang dating skin pero hanggang dun lang muna haha. Di ako pwedeng walang add-ons at extensions di ako mabubuhay kaya Firefox muna ako.

Nick Phillips said...

I've downloaded it but somehow I still sticking with Firefox for now. I guess I'm just so used to Firefox but I'll keep an eye on it's progress all the same ...


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