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Pinoy Christmas songs

Christmas time is here again. The weather is cool and the temperature is starting to get low. Christmas trees, Christmas lights, foods, Christmas gifts and more, these are just a few that makes Christmas so wonderful and makes everybody happy. But of course, Christmas wont be complete if there is no Christmas songs and carols. Christmas without songs is not complete. So I am going to give you the best Pinoy Christmas songs of all time.

My Personal Favorites would be the list below.

Christmas In Our Hearts - by Jose Mari Chan
Perfect Christmas - by Jose Mari Chan
Pasko na Sinta Ko - by Gary V
Sana Ngayong Pasko - by Lea Salongga
Sa Araw ng Pasko - by Rachel Alejandro
Ang Bango ng Pasko - by Sarah Geronimo
Let There Be Peace on Earth by Jaime Rivera

and more. Ofcourse I also love Foreign Christmas songs too. I will just post it on another post.


Anonymous said...

Almost all of our generation grew up with imported Christmas carols. Buti naman that there have been a number of OPM carols in the last few years that capture our Pinoy Christmas spirit. Maligayang Pasko in advance!

Ambo said...

Mas gusto ko pa din ang Pinoy Christmas Songs mas madrama ang dating hehehe. Though sabi nga ni Dadimon mas sanay tayo kasi sa imported na nakalakihan natin. Advance Merry Christmas to you!


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