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Hip Hop Models

If you love hip hop then this is for you. I know every Hip hopers out there want to know how hip hop looks like.

Hip hop culture comes in various and different styles. You can name such as preppy, baggy hip hop, the rocker look, skaters, gangsters and so on. Any Hip Hopers can dress any hip hop styles he want. The most important element in having the perfect hip hop look is attitude. Whether if its a new Hip hop style or some of the styles i have mention, your attitude will still be the best element in having a perfect Hip hop Look. Do not be afraid to wear anything that is flashy, tshirts with big print , eye wear, and fashioned jewelery. By having the very important element, the attitude, you can be a Hip Hop Model.


Anonymous said...

I love watching them, or even listening to their music. But dressing like one? Not for me.

Ambo said...

Naku di ako pwedeng pag hiphop magmumukha akong si Wengweng hahaha. Gustuhin ko man di talaga bagay hahaha

nilo said...

Dito nama satin panapanahon din. Pag hiphop ang uso sunod sila, pag rock sunod sila...dapat may sarili din tayong trademark "HipBlogRock" kya :D impluwensya kasi tayo ng foreign culture.


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