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LED Faucet

Tired of the same old monotonous water? Bored with water that does not look like futuristic alien mouthwash? Need to make your midnite bathroom appointments more exciting? Then you need to get the LED faucet light attachment from ThinkGeek. You can activate any faucet in your house as a stream fantasia of techie-bliss in minutes. How does it work? Simply attach to the end of your faucet (Universal adapters included), and when the water flows through the magic chamber, it simply turns on the the LED and illuminates the stream with reassuring powerful hues.

There are also different faucet color to choose from:

  • Blue LED - Always streams BLUE LED's
  • Blue/Red LED - Normally streams BLUE LED's until the water temperature hits 89 degrees after which the LEDs turn RED!

Also included in the package:
  • Chamber with LEDs
  • Batteries pre-installed plus a set of spare batteries (uses G13-A style watch batteries)
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Two universal adaptors included. (fits most standard faucets in USA. Not recommended for faucets outside of the USA.)
  • Dimensions: 2.25" tall, 1.25" diameter.

*Now this is the kind of faucet i want to have in my crib.*


MONACO said...

interesting find.

by the way, i tagged you in my blog shannon. hope it's okay.

hank freid said...

I suppse that's cool looking, but it would be nice for it to be useful too. Why not use red and blue LEDs and add a thermometer - shades of red or blue could indicate hotter or colder, making sure that the temp is right without sticking your hand under it.


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